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We are grateful that so many patients share testimonials of their experience with our practice and always strive to deliver that same premier service to every new patient we welcome.

Featured Patient Experiences

Live the Life You Want to See!

Kathryn Benhoff explains how easy it was to have cataract surgery and how having it was a life-changing experience.

Carolyn Campbell – Cataract Patient

Meet Carolyn and Larry Campbell of Havre de Grace. Carolyn, who recently had surgery to remove a cataract in her left eye, had a multi-focal intraocular lens implanted and is now spectacle-free.

Personalized vision using advanced technology intraocular lenses allows Carolyn to see clearly at near, intermediate and faraway distances.

Cataract Patients

Leonard Malcolm – Cataract Patient

Malcom Leonard“I’m one day post-op after having my second cataract surgery, and I’m amazed. Looking around now, I’m really surprised about how poor my vision was before this surgery. I discovered the problem about a year ago at a routine checkup. The doctor told me I had cataracts that were beginning, but they were nothing to worry about just yet.

Within six to eight months things got really bad. When driving at night, it seemed like I was driving through fog. It prompted me to make another appointment in less than a year. I came in, and they were ready to be dealt with. So we proceeded, and after the first eye was done, I knew I couldn’t wait to have the second one done. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. So, it was quite a remarkable transition at my age.

I’m 65 years old and I never thought that I’d ever be able to see that well again. I don’t feel like I need glasses of any kind anymore. I had no special lenses put in, just the standard lens, and it’s been great. The staff here and the doctor – I couldn’t recommend them more. I had absolutely top shelf service all the way through; very professional. They answered all my questions and concerns. It’s just been a great experience.”

Fran Bonkowski – Cataract Patient

Fran-BonkowskiPatient Fran Bonkowski came to Advanced Eye Care via her husband who had his cataracts removed and replaced with Toric lens about five years ago. “He had a great experience with Dr. Feulner, and when it came time for me to have my cataracts removed, I had no hesitation because he had such a wonderful outcome. So, in my case, I came here because I started to see halos, had blurry vision and because I couldn’t see the television. Driving was challenging. After surgery, I was able to see the television with no problem and could also see people clearly without glasses. So, I have had a great experience. The biggest change after surgery was noticing how clear everything is, and I love it.”


Nancy Capozza – Cataract Patient

Nancy-Campozza“It started in January (2019). I had full-blown cataracts that developed in two months. Very fast, very scary; I couldn’t see. I couldn’t drive for the last few weeks. I thought my prescription was going bad, so I went to my eye doctor and that’s when she discovered the cataracts. She recommended I see Dr. Feulner. It was very traumatizing to me.

When the headlights and the sun were impairing my sight, I couldn’t see in either eye. I worked but it was challenging.

I had the cataract surgery and immediately after surgery, I could see. I drove the next day and the colors were so vibrant.

The results: I love it. I can see with 20/20 vision in both eyes now, and I don’t have to use my glasses anymore. Dr. Feulner is wonderful;. She is a very nice person. She checks on you and says, ‘Call me any time’. She explained everything to me. Any questions I had, she answered. They also were very nice at the surgery center. I was scared and they calmed me.”

Richard Fox – Cataract Patient

Richard-FoxRichard Fox had a cataract in his left eye that was blinding to the point where he lost most of his vision. “So, I came to Advanced Eye Care to see Dr. Feulner and was very pleased with her expertise, the operation and the professionalism of all the people I met,” he explains.” My expectations for vision have been remarkably exceeded, and my sight is better than I ever thought it could be. I am very pleased and certainly would recommend Dr. Feulner to anyone that has this condition.”