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Lasik & Customvue Lasik

Have you been considering having LASIK Laser Vision Correction to free yourself from glasses or contact lenses?  LASIK has become the most popular vision correction option, with over 3 million procedures done across the world. Review the topics below to learn more about LASIK in Bel Air. Dr. Feulner looks forward to meeting with you and discussing your vision correction options.

Custom LASIK

(also known as wavefront LASIK or wavefront technology)

Custom LASIK eye surgery has simply been getting better since the first cases were performed in the mid 90’s. Today, eye doctors around the world are happy to offer wavefront technology to patients wanting a more customized treatment option.

Wavefront technology was pioneered for space science and physics to aid in reducing aberrations or imperfections in the optical systems of telescopes. In much the same way, wavefront-sensing devices are being used to produce an accurate picture of the optical imperfections found in the human eye. Everyone’s eyes suffer from distortions, commonly called aberrations.

Aberrations are divided into 2 main categories known as high order and low order. The low order aberrations are very common and are corrected through conventional LASIK, glasses or contact lenses and come in the form of hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia. Wavefront technology actually approaches the issue of the higher order aberrations.

Higher order aberrations are unfamiliar imperfections that cannot be measured with a standard refraction. These imperfections are typically measured by an aberrometer and in Custom LASIK this data gets converted into a wavefront map of your eye. The wavefront technology treatment actually converts wavefront information into a laser pattern that is then used to correct higher order aberrations. Once the wave map is created this information is transferred to an excimer and incorporated into the excimer laser treatment.

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