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Leonard Malcolm – Cataract Patient

“I’m one day post-op after having my second cataract surgery, and I’m amazed. Looking around now, I’m really surprised about how poor my vision was before this surgery. I discovered the problem about a year ago at a routine checkup. The doctor told me I had cataracts that were beginning, but they were nothing to worry about just yet.

Within six to eight months things got really bad. When driving at night, it seemed like I was driving through fog. It prompted me to make another appointment in less than a year. I came in, and they were ready to be dealt with. So we proceeded, and after the first eye was done, I knew I couldn’t wait to have the second one done. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. So, it was quite a remarkable transition at my age.

I’m 65 years old and I never thought that I’d ever be able to see that well again. I don’t feel like I need glasses of any kind anymore. I had no special lenses put in, just the standard lens, and it’s been great. The staff here and the doctor – I couldn’t recommend them more. I had absolutely top shelf service all the way through; very professional. They answered all my questions and concerns. It’s just been a great experience.”


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