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Nancy Capozza – Cataract Patient

“It started in January (2019). I had full-blown cataracts that developed in two months. Very fast, very scary; I couldn’t see. I couldn’t drive for the last few weeks. I thought my prescription was going bad, so I went to my eye doctor and that’s when she discovered the cataracts. She recommended I see Dr. Feulner. It was very traumatizing to me.

When the headlights and the sun were impairing my sight, I couldn’t see in either eye. I worked but it was challenging.

I had the cataract surgery and immediately after surgery, I could see. I drove the next day and the colors were so vibrant.

The results: I love it. I can see with 20/20 vision in both eyes now, and I don’t have to use my glasses anymore. Dr. Feulner is wonderful;. She is a very nice person. She checks on you and says, ‘Call me any time’. She explained everything to me. Any questions I had, she answered. They also were very nice at the surgery center. I was scared and they calmed me.”


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