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Live the Life You Want to See!

Kathryn Benhoff explains how easy it was to have cataract surgery and how having it was a life-changing experience.

Cataract Patients

Carolyn Campbell


Carolyn Campbell - Cataract Patient Meet Carolyn and Larry Campbell of Havre de Grace. Carolyn, who recently had surgery to remove a cataract in her left eye, had a multi-focal intraocular lens implanted and is now spectacle-free. Personalized vision using advanced technology intraocular lenses allows Carolyn to see clearly at … Continue reading

Leonard Malcolm


Leonard Malcolm - Cataract Patient “I’m one day post-op after having my second cataract surgery, and I’m amazed. Looking around now, I’m really surprised about how poor my vision was before this surgery. I discovered the problem about a year ago at a routine checkup. The doctor told me I … Continue reading

Fran Bonkowski


Fran Bonkowski - Cataract Patient Patient Fran Bonkowski came to AEC via her husband who had his cataracts removed and replaced with Toric lens about five years ago. "He had a great experience with Dr. Feulner, and when it came time for me to have my cataracts removed, I had … Continue reading

Nancy Capozza


Nancy Capozza - Cataract Patient "It started in January (2019). I had full-blown cataracts that developed in two months. Very fast, very scary; I couldn’t see. I couldn’t drive for the last few weeks. I thought my prescription was going bad, so I went to my eye doctor and that’s … Continue reading

Richard Fox


Richard Fox - Cataract Patient Richard Fox had a cataract in his left eye that was blinding to the point where he lost most of his vision. "So, I came to Advanced Eye Care to see Dr. Feulner and was very pleased with her expertise, the operation and the professionalism … Continue reading

Contact Lenses Patients

Roberta Lijewski


Roberta Lijewski - Contact Lenses Patient 104 Plumtree Road Suite 107 Bel Air MD 21015 (410) 569-7173

Eyelid Surgery Patients

Terri Courtney


Terri Courtney - Eyelid Surgery Patient 104 Plumtree Road Suite 107 Bel Air MD 21015 (410) 569-7173


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