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2017 Harford Award Recipient for SERVICE

Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics Receives 2017 Harford Award

(Bel Air, MD – September 19, 2017) –  On September 18, 2017 at Water’s Edge Conference Center, Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics was honored by the Harford County Chamber of Commerce with the 25th Annual Harford Award for 2017 in the SERVICE category.

The Harford Award is the county’s most prestigious recognition as it is bestowed to businesses who excel in Business Growth, Service to the Community, Increased Employment, Creative Business Strategies, Technology Innovation, and Increasing the County’s Business Climate.

Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics Winning Nomination

Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics, is a community Ophthalmological/Optometric eye care practice focused on providing patients with the highest level of comprehensive eye care in a professional, compassionate, and caring manner. Specializing in the detection and treatment of general eye disorders including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome, Dr. Feulner is a world-renowned surgeon having successfully performed thousands of surgeries on her patients with outstanding results. She strives to incorporate state of the art medical technology and innovative surgical procedures into her practice, to ensure patients receive the best eye care services.

Business Growth

In the time of giant healthcare organizations, Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics is independently owned and operated.    At Advanced Eye Care, our goal is to provide superb medical, surgical and vision eye care, while maintaining a very personal relationship with our patients.  Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics was founded by ophthalmologist Lisa K. Feulner M.D., Ph.D., on November 4, 2003.  Dr. Feulner and the entire Advanced Eye Care team are dedicated to providing patients with the highest level of comprehensive eye care in a professional, compassionate, and caring manner.

Despite the constant changes in national healthcare, Advance Eye Care & Aesthetics has continued to grow.   In 2003, Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics began as a two person office.   They now employ over seventeen full-time and four part-time team members.    Not only has our staff grown, Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics physical location grew as well.  In 2003, Advanced Eye Care was housed in less than 2000 sf of space.  In February of 2017, we grew from 3,800 sf of space on Old Emmorton Road to 8,200 sf of space in February 2017.  Our new offices are located at 104 Plumtree Road, with distinctive offices for eye care and the med spa.

There are plans to add two additional physicians/surgeons to the current team of Dr Feulner, Dr. McConkey and Dr. Sober.

In addition to her ophthalmology practice, Dr. Feulner opened an aesthetic division in 2003.  She was one of the first medical providers in Harford County to offer Botox Cosmetic and ZO Skin Health Care.   Since its inception, Advanced Aesthetics, a complete med-spa, has grown into its own division within the umbrella of the primary corporation.  Advanced Aesthetics provides laser skin care treatments, dermal fillers, skin peels, Botox, and most recently CoolSculpting®.   Advanced Aesthetics is the first in Harford County to offer this cutting edge technology – a non-invasive fat reduction procedure.  Advanced Aesthetics continues to grow; it will evaluate market trends and incorporate the newest technologies in advance of our competition.


Those who know Dr. Feulner recognize that her passion extends beyond her patients and practice. While she serves as a member of multiple local and national medical and ophthalmology societies, philanthropically, the Boys and Girls Club of Harford County is her greatest passion.  She became involved with The Boys and Girls Club of Harford County as a board member in 2012, and currently is serving as second Vice President of the Board.  She truly believes that as individuals we can change the world one child at a time. She chooses to invest her time and money into organizations that help children become better adults.  She believes that by changing the life of one child in our community we change a neighborhood, a town, a county, a state, and then the country.  In addition, she has been actively involved in the Patient and Family Advisory Council for the Kaufmann Cancer Center.  The purpose of this council is to recognize, develop, and implement ways in which the relationship between the cancer center and patients and families of patients with cancer can be improved.

Notice it is not just her own endeavors that make a difference in her community.  She encourages and supports her team members’ and patients’ involvement as well.   Her generosity and support can be seen through a myriad of organizations throughout the community to include Aberdeen Rotary Golf Tournament, Anna’s House, ARC Gala, Bel Air High School Drama Company, Bel Air Lions Club, Brightview Assisted Living Alzheimer’s Walk, Black Youth in Action, Camp Possibilities,  CCA Decorator Show House and Festival of Trees , Harford Day School Arts Festival, Harford Family House, Harford Jewish Center, Harford Crime Solver Bingo, Hdg Housing Authority, Hope in Handbags, Patterson Mill Drama Boosters, Red Pump Ball, Y of Harford County Turkey Trot, United Charities, Wounded Warriors, Women’s 5k by the Bay, Harford County Public Library Summer and Winter Reading programs, Bel Air Downtown Alliance, Chesapeake Women’s’ Networking Group, GAIN – Geriatrics Assistance Information Network, Harford County Chamber of Commerce, Healthy Harford, Route 40 Business Association, Harford Sheriffs Foundation, Women’s Council of Realtors, Women’s Giving Circle, Boys and Girls Club Kiss a Pig, Kuffed for Kids, Steak and Burger Dinner, Vi Ripken Diamonds in the Rough Golf Tournament,  Upper Chesapeake Hospital Foundation Regatta,  Bike to Work Smack Down,  Conservancy of Music, Harford Land Trust, Bulle Rock Turkey Trot, Women in Defense, Upper Chesapeake Foundation, and the Red Pump Ball.

Each year Advanced Eye Care provides all of the Harford County Public Schools nurses and local private school nurses with a “Back to School” eye care kit, along with our personal commitment to re-stock them as needed throughout the year. The kit includes: eyeglass screws and screwdrivers, eyeglass nose pads, Refresh tear eye drops, contact lens holders, contact lens solutions, and eyeglass cleaners.   Basically anything a school nurse might need for a student in an emergency situation.   In addition, Dr. Feulner personally taught “What you need to know about Ocular emergencies” to all of the  HCPS nurses at the beginning of the school year during their in-service training.

Each year, Advanced Eye Care and Aesthetics team members raised money for the Boys and Girls Club’s Kiss a Pig Campaign, having contributed over $ 10,000 in three years.  In 2015,  Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics raised awareness and over $ 4000 for GEEF, Greater Excellence in Education through the Dr. Jason Sober for Prom King Campaign.   “We just don’t ask for money.  We engage our patients, families and friends in the fun,” stated Monica Worrell, Marketing Director. “Bringing awareness is as important as providing monies and we utilize the communication tools at our disposal to spread the word of these worthwhile community organizations.”  You can count on the fact that Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics is usually involved in any good deed that is FOCUSED on making a difference in the community.


Lisa K. Feulner is a board-certified ophthalmologist with a well-respected and highly skilled practice, Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics in Bel Air, MD.  Traditionally, Dr. Feulner is an early adopter of advanced technologies specifically those she believe will provide the most state-of-the-art medical and surgical care to her patients.  She was recently named as one of the 300 Premier Innovators in refractive cataract surgery in the United States by Ocular Surgery News.   Only three were named in Maryland and Dr. Feulner in Harford County.

In 2017, Advanced Eye Care opened its new “Smart Office”.   Patients are now educated in the room while they are dilating, through computerized vision screens.   A lighting alert system was added to allow doctors to know exactly when patients are ready to be seen, which minimize time that patients have to spend waiting in the office to be seen by the eye care professional.  While there was attention to the big picture, Advanced Eye Care’s planning team also paid attention to the little things, such as digital charging stations in the waiting rooms and motion lights throughout the building to conserve electricity in sections when not in use.

In 2016, the practice was certified as a Dry Eye Center of Excellence by BioTissue through the doctors’ work with PROKERA®, a therapeutic device used by eye doctors around the world to protect, repair and heal damaged eye surfaces. PROKERA® is made by clipping a piece of amniotic membrane tissue in between two rings made out of a clear, flexible material.  In addition, Advanced Eye Care offers the area’s only Lipiview screening and Lipiflow treatments in the county to treat evaporative dry eye or lipid deficiency dry eye.  Opening and clearing blocked glands allows the body to resume the natural production of lipids (oils) needed for the tear film. The result may eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with Evaporative Dry Eye.

Dr. Feulner, M.D., Ph.D. was one of the first surgeons in Harford County to provide Intralase Lasik, a more advanced technique of LASIK surgery.  As well as, Catalys Precision Laser assisted Cataract surgery, an advanced technology, femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery which offers a reproducible, noninvasive technique to replace the least predictable and most technically demanding steps of conventional cataract procedures.  In 2017, she introduced the Tecnis Symfony lens to her patients who need cataract surgery.   This is the latest addition to the Tecnis Family of IOLs offering new optical technology for providing an extended range of vision.  It the first and only advanced technology lens to provide presbyopia corrected extended range of vision.


Despite the constant changes in national healthcare, Advance Eye Care & Aesthetics has continued to grow.   Originally a one doctor, one staff person office in 2003, Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics now employs over seventeen (17) full time and four (4) part-time team members.   The practice is continuing to grow.  In 2016, Advanced Eye Care added a full time Aesthetics Manager and Aesthetics Provider, and a full time Medical Optometrist, Dr. Whitney McConkey. There are plans to add two more Ophthalmologists, one a Glaucoma Specialist and the second an Ocuplastic Surgeon.

As a woman in a primarily male dominated medical world, Dr. Feulner has overcome challenges throughout her career.   Surgical subspecialties have primarily been male oriented; however, women in Ophthalmology are becoming a growing force. Dr. Feulner believes in hiring locally and empowering women.

The Advanced Eye Care team is over 95% women with over 70% of the employees living locally in Harford County.  They are highly skilled jobs offering a good starting wage even at the entry level.


Partnering with our community:    In 2013, Advanced Eye Care began a partnership with several local area school nurses with the “Back to School” eye care Program.   Any patient, who came in for an exam from mid-August until the end of September and mentioned their school, earned their school nurse an Advanced Eye Care school eye care repair kit.   The kit consisted of eyeglass nose pads and screws, contact lens holders, contact lens solution and cleaner and Refresh eye drops.  Basically anything a school nurse might need to help a student until they could get to their eye doctor or optician.  In 2013, we provided over 28 kits to various school nurses and replenished their supplies throughout the year.  In 2016, we contributed over 60 kits to Harford County Public School and local private school nurses.

Educating Civic Groups and Medical Providers: Throughout the two years, Dr. Feulner has presented a series of ocular trainings to several groups, medical professions and organizations to include the Harford County Public School nurses, Geriatric Assistance Information Network members, and several local Optometrists.

New Treatment Philosophies:  Dry eye is a common and often chronic problem that is common in over 15% of the population.  Over 50% of contact lens wearers suffer with some form of dry eye disease.   Currently, Advanced Eye Care is striving to become Harford County’s premier Center of Excellence for Dry Eye Disease.  The label does not necessarily refer to a brick-and-mortar facility or a formal designation, but instead to practice-wide approach to adopting best practices in management of dry eye disease.  With Dry Eye Disease, Dr. Feulner recognizes that it is not a one size fits all approach to good patient outcomes.   She has introduced such medical technology to the practice as Lipiview, Lipiflow, RPS ImflammaDry Detector, OCT testing and TearLab Osmalarity testing.   New and advanced technology along with a philosophy of customized treatment plans, education and awareness for each patient is what allows Advanced Eye Care to stand out in a the crowd.


From economic downturns, to rising health care cost, political health care reform and fierce competition, medical practices are being challenged regularly in their endeavor to continue to provide superior healthcare, while maintaining practice flow and economics.   Despite today’s everyday business challenges such as increased costs, taxes and increased regulations, Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics continues to thrive and contribute to the healthy business climate of Harford County.

Paying Taxes Locally:  As a resident of Churchville, MD, Dr. Feulner contributes to the local tax base both personally and professionally.

Hiring Locally:  Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics consists of 21 employees, 17 full-time, 4 part-time.   Ninety Five (95%) of the employees are women. Seventy (70%) of the employees live locally in Harford County.  Twenty-five (25 %) live in neighboring counties.

Buying Locally:  As one of the only locally owned ophthalmologic practice in Harford County, Advanced Eye Care credits much of their success to the commitment to buy local.   From professional services, such as accounting, banking, legal and janitorial to marketing service such as printing, promotional items and advertising, when given an opportunity to purchase locally for products and services, we do.

Giving Time and Treasure Locally:  In 2015, Advanced Eye Care donated over $ 30,000 to local charities and civic organizations.

Grows Locally:  Moved in to new office space in February 2017.  This 1.5 million dollar project put monies into the local economy through Advanced Eye Care’s committed effort to buy local.

Taking Care of the Local Community:   “At Advanced Eye Care, we know that eye health is an indicator to overall health.  Our team approach allows us to provide comprehensive and personalized eye care to our patients, both young and old,” stated Dr. Lisa Feulner.  “It’s been our pleasure to take care of patients since 2003 and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.”

At Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics, we believe that you get what you put out.   The successful growth of our practice is directly related to our providers, our team members, our patients and our community.

At Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics – You’ll love what you see! 


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